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When your family is in crisis, your life may become unstable and your future uncertain. When you are considering a divorce or you are facing a custody dispute, you are not alone. I offer experienced, compassionate, and skillful legal advocacy to individuals and families needing legal assistance.
I am a lawyer focused on the needs of my
clients and their families. With compassion,
understanding, and experience, I will help you
secure the proper foundation for your family.
Contact me for a free consultation.
Throughout the process, I will remain
understanding to your individual needs. As your
attorney, I will take the time to explore all of your
options and make sure that you understand any
possible consequences before a final decision is
made. With over 35 years of family legal services,
I will use creative and innovative strategies to
protect your family and your rights.
Every client is unique and every case is different. I take an individualized approach and take the time to understand my clients concerns and ultimate goals so I can address them in or out of court.
"Legal Counsel from a Christian Perspective"
A divorce is already difficult without dealing with legal formalities. I will handle the legal aspects of your case so that you can focus on healing your family. I can represent you through the divorce process and handle any of the following legal issues:
  • Child custody and visitation. I will help you put together a parenting plan that considers the best interests of your children and protects your rights as a parent.
  • Child Support. I will work with you to ensure that child support calculations accurately reflect the resources of each parent.
  • Spousal support or alimony. I will help you determine whether alimony should be ordered and, if so, the amount of payments, their frequency and their duration.
  • Grandparents' rights. I represent clients in situations where grandparents seek visitation or custody.
  • Post-judgment matters. I can represent you in post-judgment matters including modifications and enforcement.
An adoption process is not only complex, but is an emotional process that can be both difficult and exciting. As your advocate, I will remain compassionate and supportive throughout the adoption process. I handle all matters required to successfully complete a domestic (within the United States) adoption, including a stepparent adoption. Adoptions are often complex and require the completion of significant amounts of paperwork and forms. Failure to properly complete the forms can delay or defeat the adoption. I will work with you to see that
all requirements are successfully met so that you can feel confident in finalizing this wonderful process.
Domestic Violence
Seeking a protective order may be a difficult, but necessary decision. At every stage of your case, I will remain compassionate and understanding and will assert your rights to secure your protective order against an abuser.
Paternity Disputes
Paternity disputes can be highly emotional for both parties. When your rights are at stake, I will be your advocate, committed to your best interests. A paternity dispute may give rise to future custody or support matters. I work with parties when there are uncertainties about fatherhood, the determination of which may have an impact on child support and visitation.
Prenuptial Agreements
If you are bringing significant assets into a marriage or have children from a previous marriage, I can protect your interests by preparing a prenuptial agreement, designating in advance the distribution of assets in the event of divorce.
For family law advice from an attorney with over 35 years of experience, contact my office. I provide a free initial consultation to all new clients. My offices are located near Marietta Square and office hours are flexible by appointment.
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